Residential Services

Residential Services

Residential Services offers a range of services and choices in a variety of settings designed to meet the needs of an individual with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD). Services include community-based living, healthcare, recreational activities, nutritional support, social development, transportation services and other aspects of daily living.

Services are person-centered approach to promote individual self-direction and participation that emphasize choice, dignity, privacy, individuality and independence. Whether it is volunteering, working at a job or socializing with friends, the support staff is available to facilitate.

Personalized living is available and furnished for security, style and comfort. Support staff can assist with residents who utilize wheelchairs, walkers and other ambulatory devices. Residential homes and apartments for Assisted Living and Supported Living are FRA owned. Individuals living independently reside in their own home or apartment.

Residential Serivces
 “Staff are caring and very understanding. They are well informed and can pin point the needs of each and every individual.“
 “Staff are caring and very understanding. They are well informed and can pin point the needs of each and every individual.“

Residential Choices

Assisted Living
Provides a range of supportive services available on a 24-hour basis. Individuals have support staff who are active  in developing an individual-driven plan of care that best meets his or her personal needs. Supports include individualized daily living, personal and health care services such as medication administration, medical monitoring, and nursing support. Social and recreational activities, housekeeping, laundry and transportation are also part of the care and services. Assisted Living residential homes are FRA owned and wheel chair accessible.

Supported Living
Individuals may choose to reside in an apartment or a single family home. Residents share their home with persons who have similar needs and interests. 24/7 supports ensure that each person experiences the optimum health and safety in a personalized environment where they develop increased self-sufficiency and personal growth. To assure that a person is living in a safe, clean environment and receiving the needed support, regular contact by support staff is maintained. Supported Living residential homes and apartments are FRA owned.

Independent Living
Individuals live in their own home or apartment and Residential staff support is provided only as needed or requested. Our services help individuals realize their potential of self-sufficiency and inclusion as active members in the community by assisting them in using their own unique skills and talents.