Employment Services

Employment Services

FRA is a leading provider of support services that help adults with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) find employment opportunities and achieve the independence that accompany meaningful employment. We offer job training and paid work that are tailored to the skills and varying abilities of each individual. Other support services include on-site job coaching, job-search and interviewing skills.

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Employment means to be a part of the community as a taxpayer,
a consumer and a member of a business’ workforce.

FRA Supported Employment program offers a choice of opportunities to meet the needs of adults who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) with varying abilities, vocational skills and workplace experience. The goal is to increase job success and provide a way for individuals learning work skills to earn a wage through employment.

The program provides a reliable approach to meeting employment needs through individualized employment supports, on-the-job training and fading of supports that help the employee gain independence, fosters self-sufficiency while meeting the employer’s expectations. A careful assessment process ensures that individuals are matched to the right employment opportunity.

The focus is on obtaining employment, and acquiring the skills to become productive and valuable employees. Through the Supported Employment program, Employment Specialists work with individuals to identify areas of vocational interest and establish an individualized plan to obtain and maintain employment. Our assessment process ensures individuals are matched to the right opportunity that include Community Employers and Closet Collections,

In addition, we help employers use best practices in working with people with disabilities through our Community Employer program. Job coaches provide on-site job training and consultation that give employers confidence that job tasks are being met. Ultimately, we build long-lasting relationships between employers and adults with disabilities.

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